What is NativeScript?

NativeScript is how you build cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps without web views. Use Angular, TypeScript, or modern JavaScript to get truly native UI and performance while sharing skills and code with the web. Get 100% access to native APIs via JavaScript and reuse of packages from NPM, CocoaPods, and Gradle. Open source and backed by Progress.


Get NativeScript from npm by running the following command:

npm install -g nativescript


Use Angular or JavaScript in your favorite editor.



Get completely native iOS and Android apps with one code base. No web view. No Jank.

Supported by Progress®

Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) supports NativeScript.

Progress has been creating, delivering, and supporting developer tools and products for more than three decades. The company is recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms.

Open Source - Now and Forever


NativeScript is open source. You can download the source code at any time from our public GitHub page. NativeScript is licensed under the very permissive Apache 2 license. Basically, you can do what you like with the software, as long as you include the required notices.

Design Philosophy


NativeScript is designed to be approachable to developers from many backgrounds.

Also, NativeScript was designed to be performant, and give 100% access to native platform APIs on day 1. Web developers can use Javascript, TypeScript or Angular to build NativeScript applications.


Developers preferring Object Oriented programming can use TypeScript, a first class citizen in the NativeScript platform. Developers from both persuasions have the option of using Angular for the application architecture.

View NativeScript app shared by our community

Test Drive NativeScript UI

Sure, you could begin your app with a blank canvas. You can also use our rich library of starter templates to build out your application. Choose from master-detail lists, card interfaces and other common mobile application UI patterns.

Examples NativeScript

Architecture: NativeScript Core

The “Examples NativeScript” sample shows how to build rich animations, as well as powerful graphs, charts, and lists with the NativeScript framework. This is a great reference app for those who prefer NativeScript Core architectures (non-Angular).

The robust set of animations are all implemented in pure CSS. The graphs, charts, and lists are implemented with Progress® NativeScript® UI, available in both free and paid editions.

This app is built with TypeScript. Each screen has a menu with options to view additional information about the screen as well as view the source code.

Future Plans

Already a complete product, NativeScript continues to evolve the performance and developer experience. We want developers to feel comfortable with NativeScript tools and concepts and as such we work hard to make layouts, CSS support, debugging, and profiling tools to be top notch.

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NativeScript is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license
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