Sample apps with open source code

The NativeScript team provides three complete real-world app implementations. All the apps are deployed to the iOS App Store and Google Play, and all are intended to show how to implement common app scenarios using NativeScript. Also, we have several build-an-app tutorials on our resources page.

  • NativeScript Code Samples

    By NativeScript Team

    NativeScript Code Samples

    By NativeScript Team

    The NativeScript code samples application is an application containing 60+ examples of how to solve problems with NativeScript. All of the code is open source.

    You can get the source code of the application and start exploring the code there, or you can read the documentation articles associated with each of the examples. The application is also very useful as a NativeScript playground - use the source code as a starting point, then modify to fit your needs.

    It is very easy to contribute to the samples and we encourage you to contribute any samples you think that will be useful for other developers. If you need a sample that is missing, please open a new issue so that other member of the community can help you. We welcome contributions to this repository, details available on our contribution guide.

    All the samples have automated tests associated with them and you can be sure that they work with the latest NativeScript version.

    Currently, the samples are written around the specific APIs, but we will be adding more “complete scenarios” implemented out of the box.

    The code is currently Angular 2 based, a non-Angular version is coming soon.


    </> View the source on Github
  • Groceries

    By NativeScript Team


    By NativeScript Team

    The Groceries sample shows how to incorporate both user management—including a login screen, registration, and password management—as well as an editable list of data for managing a grocery list. 

    The sample is built using NativeScript’s Angular 2 integration and the open source GitHub repo also contains a number of other implementations, including one done in vanilla JavaScript.

  • Examples NativeScript

    By NativeScript Team

    Examples NativeScript

    By NativeScript Team

    The “Examples NativeScript” sample shows how to build rich animations, as well as powerful graphs, charts, and lists with the NativeScript framework.

    The robust set of animations are all all implemented in pure CSS. The graphs, charts, and lists are implemented with Telerik’s UI for NativeScript control suite, available in both free and paid editions.
    This app is built with TypeScript. Each screen has a menu with options to view additional information about the screen as well as view the source code.

    </> View the source on Github

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