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Alexander Ziskind

Alex Ziskind is a tech entrepreneur, Telerik Developer Expert, and trainer at

Recent Articles

  • Securing Your Enterprise Mobile Apps - a Free Online Course just released a new (and free) online course that dives into best practices on securing your enterprise mobile apps.

  • NativeScript Observable Magic String Property Name, Be Gone!

    In NativeScript Core applications, a common pattern to support two-way data binding is to create a view model that extends NativeScript’s own Observable. By using Observable’s get() and set() methods, we get UI updates for free. Unfortunately, these methods accept magic strings to let the API know what property name was updated. With the help of TypeScript, we can solve this problem!

  • New Learning Site for NativeScript Launched is a new video training platform that offers free and premium courses to learn how to use the NativeScript framework. Courses are high quality and up to date and will stay that way.

  • Announcing the NativeScript Animation Techniques Course

    If you're ready to take your animations in NativeScript to the next level, Alex Ziskind has just released another course on Pluralsight specifically for NativeScript and Angular animations.

  • Introducing the NativeScript OAuth Plugin

    OAuth is being used everywhere. While writing your own OAuth flow for your apps could be a fun experience, most of the time we are happy plugging in a third party SDK so we can authenticate against their service. In the NativeScript world we have a new option for using OAuth with our apps and that is a plugin available on NPM. Here's how you can use it.

  • How to build and run the latest NativeScript CLI version from GitHub

    Since NativeScript is an open source project, you may have been wondering how you can get the repository to your local machine and start contributing. Or perhaps you just want to try out the latest features that are scheduled to come out in the next release. Either way, I’m going to show you how you can grab the latest and greatest bits from the nativescript-cli repository on GitHub and be able to run multiple versions of the CLI on your machine.

  • Calcu{N}ator - the NativeScript Calculator

    I’ve built a little calculator to mimic the calculator app that ships with iOS and thought I’d share the techniques I’ve used. Even though implementing a calculator is a pretty trivial task in itself, doing so is a good way to learn some concepts about a new technology. NativeScript is a fairly new technology that offers many extensibility points. By building a calculator in NativeScript you will learn these concepts and how these features work together.

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