Recent Articles

  • Deep Dive into NativeScript 3.1 Performance Improvements

    With NativeScript 3.1, we have merged the manual instrumentation tooling and enabled all {N} apps to trace execution times of some key components. In this article you’ll learn how to enable this instrumentation, and how to use the tooling to build NativeScript apps that start fast.

  • Use async/await with TypeScript in NativeScript today

    Async/await allows developers to write asynchronous code as if they were synchronous. Support for async/await in TypeScript is available when targeting ES6 but down compiling to ES5 is yet to be implemented. So long the story can be summarized in TypeScript -> ES6 -> Babel/Traceur -> ES5. Recently commits on down-compiling TypeScript to ES5 were merged in the TypeScript master. And here is how to use the nightly tsc and async/await in {N}.

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