todor totev

Todor Totev

Todor is a Product Manager at Progress with a developer background. He is passionate about the latest technologies, design of everyday things, and cannot resist eating sweets.

Recent Articles

  • The Power(s) of NativeScript and the NativeScript Playground

    It's pretty amazing what you can do with just a web browser and the NativeScript Playground. Our own Todor Totev goes into detail just how powerful it can be.

  • NativeScript Sidekick Enterprise Cloud

    The NativeScript Enterprise Cloud is a component of our Sidekick Enterprise offering. Read more about what Enterprise Cloud provides and how it meets HIPAA and SOC2 compliance requirements.

  • Release of NativeScript Sidekick 1.0

    NativeScript Sidekick 1.0 is here! Read all about the release and what is coming next from Sidekick.

  • Announcing the NativeScript Sidekick Public Preview

    Today we’re announcing that Sidekick is available as a public preview for everyone to try. Learn what Sidekick is, how it makes mobile app development awesome, and how you can try the tool for yourself.

  • Using Babel in NativeScript Apps

    The NativeScript 1.5 release introduced first-class support for languages which transpile to JavaScript. In plain English, if your language of choice generates JavaScript, it can now be used to create NativeScript apps. The NativeScript CLI has integrated support for TypeScript, Babel, and CoffeeScript (here’s the full list of languages we support), but if you want to use another language, just create a plugin following the template of the existing Babel one. The upcoming ES7 language edition has the async/await feature which makes the UI and networking code a breeze to write and support. I was very eager to experiment with async code in a NativeScript app, and decided to try it by implementing a simple app. I decided to mirror the cuteness sample. But my project was going for something more awesome, and that's why it follows /r/hardcoreaww sub-reddit instead.

  • Which versions of Node.js should you use today

    As we know, NativeScript CLI is a Node.js application. This brings the questions like "which versions of Node.js can and should I use" or "how long particular Node.js version is supported." To answer these questions, it is useful to know the life cycle of Node.js. Please, take a minute to check the project wiki which explains it in a single graphic. With it in mind, the NativeScript team decided to support the LTS branches and, if possible, the "current stable" branch.

  • Lightning Fast Android Builds with Gradle

    NativeScript 1.3 introduces two significant improvements to your development workflow for targeting iOS and Android:

    1. Integration with CocoaPods for iOS development

    2. Switch to Gradle for developing {N} projects when targeting Android 

    In this blog post, I’ll be covering our switch to Gradle when targeting Android and how to update your development environment to support this change.

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