Summer of NativeScript—The Last Month

Two months in and the Summer of NativeScript has reached nearly 50 meetups across 14 countries and 6 continents.

Groups around the world have been kind enough to share photos using the #SummerOfNativeScript hash tag. From Louisville:

To London:

And even from Australia:

It's not too late

If you haven't held a meetup don't despair—you can still be part of the fun. We're leaving the signup form open through September. If you sign up to hold up a meetup sometime this year, we'll still send you a NativeScript t-shirt and a pack of NativeScript stickers.

If you've already held a meetup, consider holding another, as we now have all three months of content up on That's three slide decks, as well as three hands-on labs you can work through with your friends and coworkers.

So what are you waiting for? Head to and sign up today.


TJ VanToll

TJ VanToll is a front-end developer, author, and a Principal Developer Advocate for Progress. TJ has over a decade of web development experience, including a few years working on the jQuery team.


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