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  • NativeScript 2.4 announcement

    Hold tight - this is our biggest release ever. A lot of new features and polish were done in the last 2 months! With 360+ plugins for NativeScript it is clear that the community is now producing much more code than the core team. This is a huge milestone for every open source project. Thank you everyone for all the contributions and plugin work. Below you will see some major highlights of the core framework that were done by the community.

  • Announcing NativeScript 2.3

    Just in time for the NativeScript Developer Day event we are glad to announce the immediate availability of our 2.3 release. Get the bits here! 360+ plugins, 8k+ GitHub stars, 20k+ followers on twitter, 250,000+ npm downloads, loved by the Angular community (discussion happening right now to rename NativeScript to Angular Native :)), iOS10, FlexBox, Android 7, WebStom, VS Code, TypeScript Security, LiveEdit - this is what NativeScript 2.3 is.

  • Angular 2 is now official, and so are we

    It is time to celebrate! The long awaited official release of Angular 2 is now live! At a special event today Brad Green announced the immediate availability of the Angular 2 bits. NativeScript team is also pleased to announce our compatible NativeScript SDK integrated with the official Angular 2 bits today!

  • Announcing NativeScript 2.2

    It is the middle of the summer here at the NativeScript headquarters, but this isn’t an excuse for us not to deliver another quality and on-time release. Please welcome NativeScript 2.2; go get the code and read about all the new things we managed to release in the last month.not

  • What is new in NativeScript 2.1

    NativeScript 2.1 is now live! Quick links - upgrade now or read the full release notes (total 118 GitHub issues were closed). If I have to mention just two highlights in this release these will be 1) performance improvements in Android (both load time and runtime performance) and 2) much faster and stable LiveSync (HotReload) functionality as part of your development process.

  • NativeScript 2.0 - the best way to build cross-platform native mobile apps

    Almost 2 years ago it was my privilege to announce the first public release of NativeScript. Back then my team and I promised a lot of things for the future. Well, the future is now, and when I look back I’m extremely happy to see that we delivered on all of the things we promised in that very beginning, plus we added some more.

  • NativeScript 1.7 Announcement

    It feels like yesterday when we released 1.6 release, but 1.7 is now here and available for immediate download.ere are the major highlights: Full integration with VS Code editor and debugging for iOS/Android on Mac and Windows. First preview of the Windows Runtime for NativeScript Angular 2 SDK - Alpha release we

  • NativeScript 1.6 available now

    The latest release delivers some huge improvements across the framework in these areas - Performance, UI, Debugging/Hot Reload, Angular 2.0, Plugins. Before taking a closer look at everything we are shipping today, we have an exciting news to share - we just opened a public NativeScript Slack channel! To join the discussions - join the NativeScript Slack channel.

  • Six major additions in NativeScript 1.5 release to skyrocket your developer experience

    1.5 is a special release for NativeScript as it marks a major milestone - providing NativeScript developers with the tools to make them a lot more productive. There are several major and important features added in this release that will skyrocket your developer experience.

  • NativeScript 1.4 announcement

    NativeScript 1.4 is here. Please read the upgrade instructions.

    What sets this release apart from the previous ones is that it reflects more than ever the way we think about the product. Once we deliver a certain set of functionality, we focus on perfecting the existing framework. You will not see new features baked into the latest version. Instead we polished many functionalities in response to users feedback. This is the result of working with a lot of developers and helping them deliver apps to their clients. Listening and responding to real developer feedback was always a core value for Telerik as a company and I’m sure you will be happy to work with this latest version of NativeScript. NativeScript is now more stable, more polished and battle tested framework. You can use NativeScript 1.4 in your production environment for building applications.

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