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  • NativeScript 1.7 Announcement

    It feels like yesterday when we released 1.6 release, but 1.7 is now here and available for immediate download.ere are the major highlights: Full integration with VS Code editor and debugging for iOS/Android on Mac and Windows. First preview of the Windows Runtime for NativeScript Angular 2 SDK - Alpha release we

  • NativeScript 1.6 available now

    The latest release delivers some huge improvements across the framework in these areas - Performance, UI, Debugging/Hot Reload, Angular 2.0, Plugins. Before taking a closer look at everything we are shipping today, we have an exciting news to share - we just opened a public NativeScript Slack channel! To join the discussions - join the NativeScript Slack channel.

  • Six major additions in NativeScript 1.5 release to skyrocket your developer experience

    1.5 is a special release for NativeScript as it marks a major milestone - providing NativeScript developers with the tools to make them a lot more productive. There are several major and important features added in this release that will skyrocket your developer experience.

  • NativeScript 1.4 announcement

    NativeScript 1.4 is here. Please read the upgrade instructions.

    What sets this release apart from the previous ones is that it reflects more than ever the way we think about the product. Once we deliver a certain set of functionality, we focus on perfecting the existing framework. You will not see new features baked into the latest version. Instead we polished many functionalities in response to users feedback. This is the result of working with a lot of developers and helping them deliver apps to their clients. Listening and responding to real developer feedback was always a core value for Telerik as a company and I’m sure you will be happy to work with this latest version of NativeScript. NativeScript is now more stable, more polished and battle tested framework. You can use NativeScript 1.4 in your production environment for building applications.

  • NativeScript 1.3 release is live

    NativeScript 1.3 is now officially available for download! If you have an app using 1.2 or an older version please read the upgrade instructions.

    With this release we added more stability, more speed and several major features to NativeScript. NativeScript framework is now more mature and we are sure that NativeScript is your best bet for your mobile strategy. To be inline with the latest announcements from Apple,we do also support tvOS, and we would like to thank the Apple team for including all the tech we needed as a part of tvOS! A blog post is coming next week on the #tvOS topic.

  • NativeScript 1.2.2 service release is now live

    NativeScript latest bits are now live and you can enjoy several bug fixes in the tooling and in the iOS and Android runtimes.

    We were also able to put one new features - this is the support of iOS Sumulators as part of our LiveSync feature. With the 1.2 release you were only able to see immediate changes on a real iOS device, now you will be able to see your latest changes whe working with the simulators.

  • NativeScript 1.2 release - live sync, push notifications, native plugins and more

    It’s been an exciting release cycle for the NativeScript team. We just published our first official release in May and since then there has been an insane amount of community activity. There are now more than 4k stars on Github, over 300 issues, 260+ forum threads, and more than 20 plugins have been created by the community. Did I mentioned the new G+ NativeScript group? We are already working with the first companies to prepare their apps on the app stores. If you are working on an app - please let us know - we are eager to see what you are building!

  • Use native iOS static libraries and JS modules from npm with latest 1.1 release

    NativeScript 1.1 bits are live and you can start using them immediately! If you are updating from 1.0 - please read the update instructions. With this release we delivered three new fundamental featurenpms for the NativeScript framework - support for npmmodules, support for native iOS libraries and the initial version of NativeScript plugins. We also delivered a number of enhancements and bug fixes to the core framework - NativeScript is now more stable and faster.

  • NativeScript 1.0.0 is now available

    It is only two months after we released the first public version of NativeScript, but we got tons of positive feedback already on the work we have done so far. We got 3000 stars on GitHub, more than 1500 followers on twitter (@NativeScript) and our public NativeScript forum is quite popular these days. This help us a lot to validate that we are on the right track and we are working hard to meet the expectations. I hope that with each release you will feel more and more confident that NativeScript is the best choice for cross-platform mobile app development. 

  • NativeScript First Public Beta Release is Now Available!

    With NativeScript you can use your JavaScript and CSS skills to write native mobile applications for iOS, Android and very soon WindowsPhone. There is no WebView involved in rendering the app, as the UI is rendered by the native platform's rendering engine. Because of that the, app's entire UX is native.

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