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This Week in NativeScript is a weekly series aggregating all the latest news about articles, code snippets, plugins, Stack Overflow contributions, GitHub contributions and everything else related to NativeScript.

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  • Announcing NativeScript 2.3

    Just in time for the NativeScript Developer Day event we are glad to announce the immediate availability of our 2.3 release. Get the bits here! 360+ plugins, 8k+ GitHub stars, 20k+ followers on twitter, 250,000+ npm downloads, loved by the Angular community (discussion happening right now to rename NativeScript to Angular Native :)), iOS10, FlexBox, Android 7, WebStom, VS Code, TypeScript Security, LiveEdit - this is what NativeScript 2.3 is.

    Valio Stoychev
  • Angular 2 is now official, and so are we

    It is time to celebrate! The long awaited official release of Angular 2 is now live! At a special event today Brad Green announced the immediate availability of the Angular 2 bits. NativeScript team is also pleased to announce our compatible NativeScript SDK integrated with the official Angular 2 bits today!

    Valio Stoychev
  • This Week in NativeScript - June 27th, 2016

    The best links, training, plugin, snacks and Stack Overflow Q&A from the past week in the NativeScript community.

    Brian Rinaldi
  • Why Become NativeScript's Tech Writer?

    Here is an opinionated top 10 of reasons why you should seriously consider becoming NativeScript's tech writer (and the member of a very elite group of technical writers at Telerik).

    Iva Koevska

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