Webinar on Web and Mobile Code Sharing with Angular and NativeScript

Angular has been a first class citizen in the NativeScript ecosystem since what feels like forever. And there is good reason for this: Angular web developers are able to capitalize on their knowledge to start building truly native mobile apps for both iOS and Android.angular-nativescript 

A pleasant side effect of this knowledge sharing is also code sharing. That is, the ability to leverage the same codebase across web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Hans Larsen from Google's Angular team is joining us to help deliver a brand new webinar focused on code sharing between web and mobile with Angular and NativeScript. Watch the webinar to learn how to leverage the power of Angular + NativeScript to streamline your development process by bringing your web and mobile code under the same roof.

Join us on Wednesday, January 24th when we will show you how to start from scratch and also how to migrate an existing Angular project to a shareable one. You will learn about the development process around code sharing and various techniques on how to handle API mismatch between web and {N} plugins. To top it off, we are going to show you how the Angular CLI can help you manage the whole process, and finally we will sprinkle in some schematics to leave you hungry for more!

Register for the free online webinar today!

Rob Lauer

Rob Lauer

Rob Lauer is Senior Manager of Developer Relations at Progress and has a passion for mobile app development and the open web. You can find Rob rambling as @RobLauer on Twitter.


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