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  • Optimizing app loading time with Angular Lazy Loading

    When you develop mobile applications you should always be alert on the performance and always optimize. In this blog post I will walk you through a very effective pattern that describes optimizing the loading time of an application when using Angular. Meet "Angular Lazy Loading".

  • Get text completion with AutoCompleteTextView (Beta)

    In the era of mobile devices, most of the user interactions with the device happen without additional hardware keyboards involved. This is comfortable for mobility purposes. However, the software keyboard is not always your best typing friend. To address the loss of tactile keyboards, most software keyboards offer some means for predictive completion. Often, the application developer would like the application user to choose from a defined set of choices. For example, the choices may be a list of origin airports serviced by an airplane company, or possibly a list of your friends in a social app context. In this case, the AutoCompleteTextView for NativeScript will be your best friend. Let’s dive in a little deeper into the useful features that the control provides.

  • A Quick Introduction to Flexbox in NativeScript

    Learning layouts in NativeScript can be tricky if you’re coming from a web development background. NativeScript’s 2.4 release included a familiar layout mechanism to help ease the learning curve for web developers—flexbox! Let’s look at how the new layout system works.

  • Watch Dev Day 2016: Closing NS Dev Day Keynote - Make Programming Great Again

    Raymond Camden fires up the NativeScript Developer Day crowd with an amazing talk on why we love what we do and how to love it more!

  • Using Facebook's new Keyframes library to create awesome animations in NativeScript

    Just yesterday Facebook announced the release of their open source native library called "Keyframes” . It is a library that is able to export and playback Adobe After Effects animations.

  • Angular 2 support and new features for RadDataForm

    With the latest and greatest release of nativescript-telerik-ui/pro the UI and feature rich components continue to grow. With 1.5.0 the RadDataForm is receiving new features and more examples that will ease its usage in common scenarios. Last, but not least it's getting Angular 2 support. Let's get straight to the features and enhancements.

  • How secure is NativeScript?

    One of the questions we receive from the community is how secure is NativeScript as a framework compared to the native iOS and Android frameworks. Very often there is not enough knowledge how the native frameworks protect the applications and how the use of JavaScript affects the “security” of the apps. So let's fix this! I will give you an overview of how the native apps protect the code and data and how NativeScript does this.

  • New Video Course: NativeScript for the Angular 2 Developer

    A new video course about NativeScript and Angular JS is now available on Udemy.

  • NativeScript 2.4 announcement

    Hold tight - this is our biggest release ever. A lot of new features and polish were done in the last 2 months! With 360+ plugins for NativeScript it is clear that the community is now producing much more code than the core team. This is a huge milestone for every open source project. Thank you everyone for all the contributions and plugin work. Below you will see some major highlights of the core framework that were done by the community.

  • Time for our Festive Holiday App Contest!

    Time for our holiday app contest!

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