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  • This Week in NativeScript—October 18th, 2016

    It’s time for another This Week in NativeScript—your weekly collection of all things NativeScript from the NativeScript community.

  • Watch: Dev Day 2016 NativeScript: Past, Present and Future

    Watch the opening keynote from NativeScript Developer Day 2016 held in Boston, MA.

  • Slides, Smiles and Videos from {N} Developer Day conference

    At the end of September we hosted the first NativeScript Developer Day in Boston, MA. I’m sure everyone who attended left with a lot of positive vibes and enthusiasm about what can be done with NativeScript. For those of you who could not manage to come, we hope to see you next time!

  • Android Performance - The Why and The How

    Every now and then we receive feedback on the performance and APK size of some NativeScript Android application, especially built with Angular 2. In this post I will try to elaborate a bit more on the technical challenges behind the Android Runtime, Core Modules and Angular 2 integration projects as well as to share some easy steps that would boost the performance several times.

  • Winners at HackMIT 2016

    Progress participated in the HackMIT 2016 hackathon where teams competed to build the best apps. Many teams used NativeScript for the first time during the competition.

  • This Week in NativeScript—October 4th

    After a brief hiatus for NativeScript Developer Day and Angular Connect, we’re back with another installment of This Week in NativeScript—your source for the latest and greatest from the NativeScript community 🚀

  • Use async/await with TypeScript in NativeScript today

    Async/await allows developers to write asynchronous code as if they were synchronous. Support for async/await in TypeScript is available when targeting ES6 but down compiling to ES5 is yet to be implemented. So long the story can be summarized in TypeScript -> ES6 -> Babel/Traceur -> ES5. Recently commits on down-compiling TypeScript to ES5 were merged in the TypeScript master. And here is how to use the nightly tsc and async/await in {N}.

  • Angular 2 web and mobile demo app, using Kendo UI and NativeScript

    With the recent Angular 2 public release the write once, run everywhere is no longer a myth or something that we should try to avoid due to all the complications that were involved previously. Now we have a framework that does this for us. When you combine Angular 2 with NativeScript you have a complete story that allows you to share code that runs NATIVELY on the target platforms - web and mobile. Support for desktop is planned for NativeScript as well.

  • Compete in the Angular Connect Hackathon

    The NativeScript team will host a hackathon at the Angular Connect conference on Sept 27th from 6:00 - 10:30 pm.

  • DataForm is now official

    About a month ago, we released a Beta of DataForm for NativeScript. After adding some more features, and addressing the issues we found, we are happy to announce the official DataForm for NativeScript, which is a part of UI for NativeScript Pro

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