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  • Angular 2 web and mobile demo app, using Kendo UI and NativeScript

    With the recent Angular 2 public release the write once, run everywhere is no longer a myth or something that we should try to avoid due to all the complications that were involved previously. Now we have a framework that does this for us. When you combine Angular 2 with NativeScript you have a complete story that allows you to share code that runs NATIVELY on the target platforms - web and mobile. Support for desktop is planned for NativeScript as well.

  • Compete in the Angular Connect Hackathon

    The NativeScript team will host a hackathon at the Angular Connect conference on Sept 27th from 6:00 - 10:30 pm.

  • DataForm is now official

    About a month ago, we released a Beta of DataForm for NativeScript. After adding some more features, and addressing the issues we found, we are happy to announce the official DataForm for NativeScript, which is a part of UI for NativeScript Pro

  • Announcing NativeScript 2.3

    Just in time for the NativeScript Developer Day event we are glad to announce the immediate availability of our 2.3 release. Get the bits here! 360+ plugins, 8k+ GitHub stars, 20k+ followers on twitter, 250,000+ npm downloads, loved by the Angular community (discussion happening right now to rename NativeScript to Angular Native :)), iOS10, FlexBox, Android 7, WebStom, VS Code, TypeScript Security, LiveEdit - this is what NativeScript 2.3 is.

  • Choose the Winner of the Late Summer App Contest!

    Choose the winner of the NativeScript App Plugin contest!

  • NativeScript survey - we need your help!

    Knowing the community and its needs is very important for every product. There is tons of feedback on Github and on StackOverflow, we talk directly with many of you, but we can’t reach out to everyone (and this is a good problem to have :)). Please help us and the community experts serve you better by filling out the survey.

  • Angular 2 is now official, and so are we

    It is time to celebrate! The long awaited official release of Angular 2 is now live! At a special event today Brad Green announced the immediate availability of the Angular 2 bits. NativeScript team is also pleased to announce our compatible NativeScript SDK integrated with the official Angular 2 bits today!

  • Building the NativeScript extension for Visual Studio Code - 3 lessons learned

    We built a Visual Studio Code extension for NativeScript. Read the lessons we learned along the way.

  • Announcing NativeScript Code Samples

    I’m extremely excited to announce an initiative that we were working for several releases now - NativeScript Code Samples! To make you more productive and to get onboard faster we are releasing 60+ code samples, entirely according to the native UX guidelines, documented, tested and most important entirely open source and contribution friendly!

  • This Week in NativeScript - September 6, 2016

    The latest links, posts and updates from the NativeScript community.

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