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  • Coming soon...Verified Plugins Marketplace: Your Source for NativeScript Plugins

    With support for plugins your NativeScript apps can now leverage an entire ecosystem of native iOS and Android frameworks and SDKs.

  • Tracing NativeScript Applications

    The trace module in NativeScript provides a powerful and flexible set of functions to help you discover what's happening under-the-covers with your application. It's like the Konami Code for debugging the issues you may have. In this blog post, we explore the trace module and its capabilities to help you build robust NativeScript apps.

  • NativeScript 1.2.2 service release is now live

    NativeScript latest bits are now live and you can enjoy several bug fixes in the tooling and in the iOS and Android runtimes.

    We were also able to put one new features - this is the support of iOS Sumulators as part of our LiveSync feature. With the 1.2 release you were only able to see immediate changes on a real iOS device, now you will be able to see your latest changes whe working with the simulators.

  • Creating native Android packages and using them in NativeScript

    This post will go through the process of creating an Android jar library which will then be referenced from within a custom NativeScript plugin. 

  • NativeScript 1.2 release - live sync, push notifications, native plugins and more

    It’s been an exciting release cycle for the NativeScript team. We just published our first official release in May and since then there has been an insane amount of community activity. There are now more than 4k stars on Github, over 300 issues, 260+ forum threads, and more than 20 plugins have been created by the community. Did I mentioned the new G+ NativeScript group? We are already working with the first companies to prepare their apps on the app stores. If you are working on an app - please let us know - we are eager to see what you are building!

  • Welcome to Telerik UI for NativeScript

    Telerik UI for NativeScript is suite of native UI components that adds a lot of advanced features on top of the default UI components we are shipping in the NativeScript framework. Telerik as a company has a long history of delivering such UI components that range from Lists, Data Visualization, Data Input for various development platforms. For NativeScript the ambitious goal is to provide the same rich range of components that will make your app look professional and will enable you to stand-out from your competitors by providing the best UX and performance. It is important to note that this suite comes with professional support and 24 hour guaranteed response time and unlimited support tickets.

  • Using npm Modules and NativeScript Plugins

    Between npm modules and NativeScript plugins, which are nothing more than npm modules with the ability to use native code and libraries, you have now have a large collection of modules and libraries that you can leverage in your NativeScript apps. In this article you'll see several examples of how to make this happen.

  • How to analyze the app package and native visual UI tree of a NativeScript application

    And what’s in there actually?

    Applications written with web means such as JavaScript and CSS are usually taken as web or hybrid. With NativeScript we enable these web means allowing you to write in your favorite language (JavaScript or TypeScript - the choice is yours) achieving great, fast-performing native apps. But, in the dawn of NativeScript and even now when it’s v1, we have been encountering non-believers who wonder “Are the NativeScript apps real native apps as they execute on the device? Or, they are hybrid after all :)”

    With this blog post I would like to reveal the truth for the non-believers by dissecting a NativeScript app at runtime and displaying what objects are actually created and executed on iOS and Android. Well, I can tell you from now - ​these objects are the native UI components of the respective platform. But if you still don’t believe me, read on.

  • Demystifying NativeScript Layouts

    Learn about layouts in NativeScript and create great cross-platform UIs using a combination of XML markup and JavaScript.

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