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  • This Week in NativeScript - September 6, 2016

    The latest links, posts and updates from the NativeScript community.

    Brian Rinaldi
  • Introducing the NativeScript OAuth Plugin

    OAuth is being used everywhere. While writing your own OAuth flow for your apps could be a fun experience, most of the time we are happy plugging in a third party SDK so we can authenticate against their service. In the NativeScript world we have a new option for using OAuth with our apps and that is a plugin available on NPM. Here's how you can use it.

    Alexander Ziskind
  • This Week in NativeScript—August 23rd

    It’s time for another This Week in NativeScript, your weekly collection of NativeScript links, plugins, and more 🚀

    TJ VanToll
  • App Accessibility in NativeScript

    NativeScript applications have accessibility features to make adaptive technologies work with your mobile application.

    Dan Wilson
  • Introducing DataForm (Beta) for NativeScript

    While each fiil-in form on mobile is different, the overall concept of presenting properties according to a specific data type, ensuring validation rules are respected, and saving the information follows a consistent and regular form. Wouldn’t you like to have an easy to use component that provides the end-user with the ability to enter all this data in a user-friendly and convenient way? Introducing the DataForm for NativeScript!

    Nikolay Diyanov
  • Announcing NativeScript 2.2

    It is the middle of the summer here at the NativeScript headquarters, but this isn’t an excuse for us not to deliver another quality and on-time release. Please welcome NativeScript 2.2; go get the code and read about all the new things we managed to release in the last month.not

    Valio Stoychev
  • This Week in NativeScript—August 16th

    It’s time for another This Week in NativeScript, your weekly collection of NativeScript links, plugins, and more—and for this week, that includes cats and dogs!

    TJ VanToll
  • Are you a NativeScript Champion? Late Summer App Contest

    late summer app contest

    Jen Looper
  • Using Android Background Services in NativeScript

    When your application needs to perform heavy, non-UI work, you must take care not to block the UI thread and disrupt the otherwise smooth user experience. On Android, using background services is the right technique for the job.

    Peter Kanev
  • This Week in NativeScript—August 8th

    It’s the second _This Week in NativeScript_ in August, your weekly collection of all things NativeScript from the NativeScript community.

    TJ VanToll

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