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Business units continually request more productivity-enhancing mobile apps. This growing number of requests puts a strain on development resource pools. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies inject a mixture of mobile operating systems into the enterprise.

Hiring developers with experience in blossoming technologies powering mobile apps is time-consuming and expensive. Naturally, making the right technology choice for mobile app development can have a large impact on the organizational total cost of ownership. Read why SAP chose NativeScript to power the mobile portion of their SAP Enterprise App Modeler application.

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NativeScript is the Right Choice for Multi-Platform Mobile Application Development.

__Strong _Backing

Strong Backing

Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), created NativeScript. Progress has been creating, delivering and supporting developer tools and products for more than three decades, and has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms.


Clean Intellectual Property Licensing

NativeScript is open source. You can inspect, pull, fork and change the source of NativeScript whenever you like. The core of NativeScript is licensed under the very business friendly Apache 2.0 software license. You are free to use NativeScript in your projects and license your works in a way that makes sense for your organizational policies.


Paid Support Available

For organizations that prefer to retain professional support, Progress offers custom enterprise support packages that are tailored to your needs. Get the tools and support you need to guarantee your success like: private Slack channels, 24/5 SLA, and professional support from NativeScript engineers. More information is available on our NativeScript Enterprise Support page.


Advanced Tooling for Productivity and Developer Consistency

Our deep history in creating developer tools and products extends to NativeScript. We offer compelling solutions to commonly encountered enterprise problems for organizations willing to invest in Advanced Developer Tooling. For example, our Visual Studio integration helps your development team stay with their preferred coding environment. Our Cloud Build service enables iOS and Android builds in our cloud, removing the need to maintain local iOS and Android build machines. Our Data Connectors are a rapid way to access data stored in MSSQL, mySQL, Oracle, Salesforce and others. Our enterprise class support gives you the assurances you need to commit and deliver on time.


Easy to Learn

NativeScript is architected to be very approachable by developers from all backgrounds. New developers will appreciate the familiar syntaxes and concepts. Expert developers will appreciate how easy it is to interact with the Native subsystems of iOS and Android. Web developers can use Javascript to build NativeScript applications. Developers preferring Object Oriented programming can use TypeScript, a first class citizen in the NativeScript platform. Developers from both persuasions have the option of using Angular 2 for the application architecture.


100% Shared Code Across Device Platforms

NativeScript is designed to publish applications to both iOS and Android from the same code base. This reduces development and testing cycles, and lowers deployed application development and maintenance costs.


Large Existing Libraries

Take advantage of the large number of free libraries on NPMJS.com to jumpstart development. NativeScript can use any javascript library that doesn’t depend on an internet browser. Additionally, we curate plugins and verify them through automated testing. You can find a list of verified plugins at market.nativescript.org.


Blazing Fast Performance

Don’t want complaints about slow app performance? Make sure you use a pure native solution like NativeScript for blazing fast performance. NativeScript renders truly native applications. No hacks. No HTML. Only truly native applications will have truly native performance.


Quick developer onboarding

Even though NativeScript has a very short learning curve, you can count on Progress to ensure the success of your departments with our extensive documentation, tailored support and comprehensive resources. New developers can come up to speed quickly. NativeScript leverages a developer’s existing web development skills making it simple to move developers between projects.

NativeScript closes the cross-platform gap between iOS and Android. Your staff can use the skills they already have to build truly native mobile applications. Also, read why SAP chose NativeScript to power the mobile portion of their SAP Enterprise App Modeler application. Now, you have the tools and processes you need to build mobile apps for your business.

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