Professional NativeScript support
direct from our core team

For organizations that want a deeper level of support beyond our
community, we offer several options:


Developer-level support

with unlimited tickets and guaranteed ticket response time


Enterprise-level support

with developer support, issue escalation, 16x5 phone assistance, remote assistance and patches for older versions of NativeScript


Professional Services

with training, architecture design and custom development services

The NativeScript core framework team will collaborate with you to ensure the success of your projects, and our Professional Services team is also available to lend its expertise.

We’ll be happy to discuss your project, team and goals and provide you with your ideal professional support options.

Example Customer Support Scenarios

  1. Get and stay on the right track

    A large consultancy working in the banking sector wanted to release a new version of their visual banking application—one web, one mobile. They use NativeScript with the Angular 2 support so their web developers can build both the web and mobile applications from the same code base.

    The application has complex internal dependencies, making isolating issues difficult and time-consuming. The support team leveraged the remote assistance feature, so the consultancy didn’t need to replicate run-time conditions.

    Post deployment, the consultancy used our phone support to quickly report and resolve production issues.

  1. Just in time training

    A large manufacturer uses NativeScript to build applications used by plant managers worldwide. They aren’t always able to upgrade to the latest version of NativeScript in a timely manner, making the deployed application sometimes several point versions behind the latest NativeScript.

    Because of their specific support package, the NativeScript team can provide support for the version of NativeScript used in the production application, even if it’s a few dot versions behind. That means when an incident arises, the customer can use NativeScript support to fix their specific issue with backward compatibility in mind. The customer is free to work through version upgrades when convenient.

  1. Ensure you don’t get left behind

    A medical device company uses NativeScript to provide a way for field representatives to organize site visits. The development team used NativeScript to build the mobile application but as they were new to NativeScript, they engaged our Professional Services team.

    Our team helped them get started with NativeScript, providing both architectural guidance and expert software development to build the application. When the client development team was unclear how to build a feature, our team provided just-in-time training and support to help them finish features on time.

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