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22 Feb 2016
Boston, MA

Angular 2 + NativeScript, Sitting in a Tree

Writing mobile apps is hard. A number of different frameworks and technologies have cropped up over the past couple years to make things easier. In particular, the ability to write everything in JavaScript lowers the barrier for entry. NativeScript attempts to have the best of all worlds by providing an JavaScript API that directly talks to the native libraries. So, no webview needed. You can create native-looking mobile apps...with JavaScript! And, in Angular 2! TJ VanToll and Jen Looper from the NativeScript team gives us the 4-1-1. Watch the recorded demo

18 Feb 2016
Online, Worldwide

NativeScript - open source platform to build Native iOS/Android Apps

Would you like to use your existing skills to build truly native iOS and Android mobile applications? In this presentation, we'll look at NativeScript, an open source platform for doing just that. Not only do you get to use the skills you already have, but you can take advantage of millions of lines of code already written for you on NPM. NativeScript is free, open source and approachable for ColdFusion developers. Watch the recorded presentation

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