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Learn to build truly native mobile applications with the skills you already have.

Written by NativeScript experts Mike Branstein and Nick Branstein, this book guides you through important NativeScript concepts and show you how to build apps. Both JavaScript and Angular architectures are covered.

Thanks to the generosity of the authors, you may download and use the book free of charge. No sign ups, no nonsense, just click the button for the free PDF or EPUB version of the book.


For a book specifically written for NativeScript and Angular, please check out NativeScript for Angular Mobile Development by Nathan Walker and Nathanael Anderson

The NativeScript Book Contains:

Part 1: The Basics

Why NativeScript

Your first app

Anatomy of a NativeScript app

Part 2: Structuring Your App

Pages and navigation

Understanding the basics of app layouts

Using advanced layouts

Styling NativeScript apps

Part 3: Refining Your App

Working with data

Native hardware

Creating professional UIs with themes

Refining user experience

Deploying an Android app

Preparing an iOS app for distribution

iOS security and building your app with Xcode

Part 4: Angular and NativeScript

Creating a NativeScript App with Angular

Using Angular components and routing

Angular databinding and services


Android emulator tips

Creating custom UI controls

NativeScript CLI quick reference

NativeScript conventions

What you will build:


The NativeScript book uses a learn-by-example approach. As you progress through the book, you'll build a number of applications like a fully-featured Pet Scrapbook app built over the course of several chapters.

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