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  • February 2016 - NativeScript 2.5 Launch

    We crushed it with NativeScript 2.5. Come get WebPack 2.0 support, Angular Lazy loading and AoT compilation, Chrome DevTools debugger integration, Debug and LiveSync+watch support for VS Code extension and more!

  • December 2016 - Holiday Edition

    Tne NativeScript community shared some great things to celebrate the closing of a very successful year. In this edition, find a great deal on our NativeScript UI component suite, a fun holiday contest, the new NativeScript Theme Builder and an introduction to some of our NativeScript expert community members.

  • November 2016 - NativeScript 2.4 Launch

    NativeScript 2.4 delivers so many great features to help you build the best mobile applications possible. Web Workers help you offload processing intensive code to the background. FlexBox helps you use layout concepts from the web in your truly native mobile apps. The new CSS theme gives you a straightforward way to skin and style your applications. Plus, meet the NativeScript Product Manager Valio Stoychev who steers the NativeScript ship.

  • August 2016 - NativeScript 2.2 Launch

    In this issue we discuss the NativeScript 2.2 launch and how it improves the developer experience. Also, meet the Product Manager of NativeScript UI -Nikolay Diyanov. Learn about accessibility in mobile applications and how you are affected. Plus, you'll hear all about the new plugin contest and how you can enter.

  • June 2016 - NativeScript 2.1 Launch

    In this issue we discuss the NativeScript 2.1 launch and how it improves the developer experience. Also, learn more about NativeScript Developer Day, 2 days of NativeScript (and Angular) content for $70. You'll also find the winner and runners up to the NativeScript Weather app contest and a round up of interesting news you might have missed.

  • May 2016 - NativeScript 2.0 Launch

    In this issue, get introduced to NativeScript 2.0, the premier way to write native apps with Angular. Also, meet some of the faces of NativeScript like Vladimir Enchev, one of the Senior Directors of Engineering, as well as 5 new NativeScript Community Experts. You'll also find links to an Ionic theme to easily bring color to your NativeScript app as well as tons of new plugins you can use in your apps.

  • April 2016 - NativeScript 1.7 Launch

    In this issue, we discuss the NativeScript 1.7 launch. Also, we announce the winner of the  BBC reader competition, Peter Staev, discuss a bunch of upcoming Angular+NativeScript news and the release of NativeScript Snacks - bite sized NativeScript tutorials in video form.

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