NativeScript Sidekick Support Plans

If you obtained NativeScript Sidekick as part of a “Progress Mobility” solution, the following support descriptions do not apply, please visit this site for a description of support applicable to “Progress Mobility”.


Sidekick Pro

Community Support

Sidekick Business

Developer Support

NativeScript Enterprise

Enterprise Support

(The following is a summary of support features available at the Enterprise level, please see your NativeScript Enterprise Support Agreement for specific details)

N/A – Free community support The duration of your Sidekick Business subscription 1 year
Licensed Developers
1 1 Up to 15
Support Incidents

Number of support incidents that can be raised for the duration of the Support Term.

* Fair Usage Policy applies

N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Support and Hot fixes – NativeScript open source framework

Request fixing of critical fixes in older versions of supported products

No* Current version
Current version (major.minor)
and 3 previous (major.minor) versions
Support and Hot fixes –
NativeScript Sidekick
No* Current version
Current version
Support and Hot fixes –
NativeScript UI
No* Current version
Current version
Initial Response Time
N/A 24h 1-24h – see "Issue Escalation"
Production Support

1 named app

N/A N/A Yes
Issue Escalation

Escalate your tickets to highest priority in our support queue.

* Fair Usage Policy applies


Severity 1 for issues in production: 1h initial response time

Severity 2: 16h initial response time

Severity 3: 24h initial response time

Remote Web Assistance

Demonstrate any issues in the environment in which they occur.

No No 10 hours
Phone Assistance

Pick up the phone and speak to a technical person. Get quick advice and direction or help us understand the full scope of the issue.

No No 16/5, 7am - 11pm UTC

Community Support – No dedicated technical support is provided at this level, however, developers are allowed to access the NativeScript community on our forums, Stack Overflow, GitHub to review existing knowledge bases and can ask for help free of charge. Telerik personnel monitor these forums but responses and response times are not guaranteed.

* The team continuously updates NativeScript open source framework, NativeScript Sidekick, and NativeScript UI. However, requesting specific hotfixes is only available in Business and Enterprise licenses.

Learn more about our professional support offerings

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