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NativeScript Sidekick is your faithful companion for NativeScript development. With Sidekick, you can focus on building the exciting parts of your mobile app and let Sidekick handle the important, but tedious parts. You can use Sidekick's rich starter templates, verified plugins, cloud builds, and debugging all while using your own preferred IDE and tooling.

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Create visually compelling and easy to maintain apps with our Starter Kits in seconds.
You can choose to use Angular, JavaScript, or TypeScript.


Use your favorite text editor

Whether you prefer lightweight editors like SublimeText or more complete IDEs like Visual Studio, NativeScript Sidekick helps you get the job done.


Build anywhere

Effortlessly build and deploy apps on your test devices. Using our cloud services, you can even test/debug iOS on Windows machines, without a Mac device.



Debug your NativeScript app on connected devices, iOS Simulators, or Android emulators.


NativeScript Plugins

Easily see an inventory of the various plugins used in your NativeScript app.

Starter Templates

Sure, you could begin your app with a blank canvas. You can also use our rich library of starter templates to build out your application. Choose from master-detail lists, card interfaces and other common mobile application UI patterns.

Crate App

Local and Cloud Builds

Building iOS and Android apps is a key part of your workflow. We’ll make it easier. Sidekick uses both your existing local build infrastructure and also our cloud build service. You can even build iOS apps without needing a Mac.

Plugin Management

All great NativeScript apps rely on our vibrant plugin ecosystem. NativeScript Sidekick makes it easy to know which plugins you depend on for your application. You can see the plugin, version, and know what to update.


Debugging your apps is easy with our integrations. Use the IDE you prefer. Sidekick will give you the rich debugging experience you need to quickly build, test and refactor your application code. 

Cloud Builds Pricing

To enjoy the full benefits of NativeScript Sidekick, you may subscribe to the cloud services offered by Progress.

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