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It is always interesting to be part of the product feature prioritization process. We believe that an open source framework, like NativeScript, is best developed by the help from the community. To influence our roadmap and be part of the discussions please visit our GitHub issues and use our voting system.


In development
  • Ahead-of-time CSS parsing
  • Android Gradle build improvements
  • Android Studio support for NativeScript projects
  • Nested page navigation (NativeScript core only)
  • Chrome DevTools Debugger for iOS
  • Marketplace improvements – plugins self-verification tool, app templates, authors page
  • Playground improvements – add files to workspace, step-by-step tutorial, more UI components
  • Sample apps


  • Chrome DevTools Elements for iOS
  • Webpack and CSS Improvements
  • 14 new verified marketplace plugins
  • NativeScript Pro UI fixes
  • Upgrade to V8 6.0 for Android
  • Android Oreo support


  • Support for xCode 9 and iOS 11
  • Web Workers and WebPack integrity
  • Improved installation scripts
  • Greatly improved backward navigation
  • New Blur and Focus events
  • Performance improvement with a new experimental GC mode for Android


  • Further performance optimizations
    • Recycle native UI widgets to a pool of reusable instances
    • Do not destroy UI elements for pages in the backstack upon forward navigation (greatly improves backward navigation)
  • Deep profiling and analysis in the Angular integration layer
  • Local (on client machine) snapshot builds for Android - expected significant loading time boost
  • Chrome DevTools Elements Tab enablement
  • 30% dedicated time to reduce CLI and cross-platform modules issues


  • Major improvements in the cross-platform JavaScript layer
    • Improved runtime performance and loading time (depending on App's UI)
    • Greatly simplified extensibility model for custom UI plugins
  • Graphical installer for Windows
  • Local (on client machine) snapshot builds for Android - expected loading time boost
  • Page Agent and Network tab in Chrome DevTools
  • Introducing RC releases


  • WebPack 2.0 support
  • Lazy loading in Angular
  • Ahead of time compilation (AoT) in Angular
  • Minification support via Uglify.js through WebPack
  • Integration with Chrome DevTools debugger
  • Debug and LiveSync+watch support for VS Code extension.


  • Enable using NativeScript with existing native applications
  • More App Starter templates
  • FlexBox layout
  • MultiThreading support
  • Angular 2.2 supoprt
  • Default Theme




  • Angular 2.0 SDK release
  • New UX theme for default apps
  • App Starter templates
  • Faster Hot Reload
  • Android performance improvements
  • Threading support


  • Angular 2.0 SDK release
  • Code Encryption and Security
  • Faster Hot Reload
  • Android performance improvements
  • Localization and i18n

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