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It is always interesting to be part of the product feature prioritization process. We believe that an open source framework, like NativeScript, is best developed by the help from the community. To influence our roadmap and be part of the discussions please visit our GitHub issues and use our voting system.






    • New UI components as part of Telerik's UI for NativeScript


To get a more detailed view of the work we are doing please visit our GitHub issues pages. Please feel free to comment and suggest new features.

  • Performance improvements in Android - improve startup time
  • Support for resolution-specific Images 
  • [#158] Implement SegmentedBar control
  • ListPicker, TimePicker and DatePicker cross-platform UI controls
  • [#154] Support for resolution-specific layouts
  • Integration with Telerik Platform Services - developers will be able to leverage all features of Telerik Platform, including:
    • In-app client components and building blocks:
      • Telerik Native UI controls
      • Data visualization components
      • Offline data storage and sync
      • In-app feedback
      • Analytics
      • User authentication
      • Crash reports
    • Cloud Backend Services:
      • Integration with existing databases
      • Cloud Data Storage
      • Cloud File Storage
      • User Authentication
      • Push Notifications
      • Email distribution
    • Internal App Store distribution
    • Application prototyping

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