Success Stories

Read how companies are using NativeScript as a key part of their mobile strategy. If you would like to be featured as a success story, contact us.


Sennheiser Accelerates Mobile App Development by 40% with NativeScript

NativeScript enables us to just scale the team to cover the three critical areas of the app. This is something I haven’t seen in other cross-platform tools, and NativeScript offers the architecture to do this very nicely.

Dirk Eismann Mobile Software Architect, Sennheiser


Magpi Accelerates Development Speed by 3x with NativeScript

People have been promising a ‘write once, run many’ development tool for years, but the solutions we tried were just not optimal. NativeScript was the first one that enabled us to develop across platforms easily while still delivering the performance we needed.

Joel Selanikio CEO, Magpi


Triodos Bank Improves Development Efficiency with NativeScript

Triodos Bank wanted to completely overhaul its digital ecosystem. With NativeScript, the bank could develop an array of rich omni-channel customer experiences while maintaining the development team’s agility and efficiency.

Winfred Van Egteren Component Architect, Triodos Bank


Deliver Personalized Experiences to Mobile Users of 255 Banks

By using a technology like NativeScript, we gave our Netcentric frontend teams the power to build amazing native mobile apps. This enables us to do more on mobile than we could ever do before.

Evan Payne Senior Frontend Software Engineer at Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business


Daily Nanny App Developed in Half the Time with NativeScript

I thought getting the Android version of the app running would be a nightmare because I had really neglected it during development, but once I fired it up, it was simple. Way simpler than I thought.

Dave Coffin Co-Founder, Cubby Notes


NativeScript Doubles Developer Productivity At Denmark's CIM Mobility

With NativeScript we essentially have one app to maintain in place of nine. Over time we expect to reduce maintenance resources by at least 50 percent and speed development of future apps.

Allan Krøyer CIM Mobility Founder


KiZAN Develops for Multiple Platforms in Less Than Half The Time With Progress

We chose Telerik Kendo UI because it just works. The API is fluent and easy to use, and the support and documentation far exceed all other competitors in the field.

Mike Branstein Practice Lead, KiZAN Technologies

One skillset. One code base.

NativeScript provides you with an all-inclusive toolkit to build native mobile applications with the best possible developer experience. It’s as simple as building a web app, but with all the performance you would expect from native.
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