NativeScript Support Options

Looking for support for your NativeScript app development? Take a look at both our free and paid support options below.

Professional Support

For companies who prefer a direct support relationship with the NativeScript team, we offer NativeScript Sidekick Business. This yearly subscription program includes the ability to create unlimited support tickets, each with a 24-hour response time. Also included in the package are unlimited cloud-based application builds. The areas of support are:

Professional Services

For companies who want implementation assistance, we offer a full suite of Professional Services. Common requests are in-person training, architectural assistance, performance analysis, troubleshooting, application design and application development. Commonly, organizations adopting NativeScript prefer to arrange professional services from our team to help get the initial project off the ground. Contact Us if you’d like to go over the available project success options.

Community Support

The NativeScript open source community is friendly and helpful. There are many channels to get technical help and information. For technical questions like “How do I do X”, or “I’m trying to do X and it isn’t working”, please use Stack Overflow.

If you’d like to chat with the NativeScript community, join our community Slack channel. While some people do ask questions inside Slack, there are many thousands of people in the community channel and questions get lost easily. The primary place to ask a question is Stack Overflow. Some developers post their question on Stack Overflow and then link to it in Slack.

For bugs and issues within the NativeScript framework, please use the NativeScript GitHub. Note, to get the quickest answer, please search for similar issues that may already have answers. If you cannot find a similar issue, make sure you create your GitHub issue in the correct repository, as different parts of NativeScript reside in specific repos. The NativeScript team monitors the NativeScript GitHub for issues and bugs within the framework. Questions not related to framework bugs likely will get a delayed response.

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