Build better NativeScript apps with TypeScript

TypeScript is a first-class citizen in NativeScript.TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. In addition to the great features you like about JavaScript, TypeScript offers benefits of special interest to developers coming from Strongly Typed, or Object Oriented backgrounds.

Fun Fact: The core NativeScript team uses TypeScript to build the NativeScript framework.

Watch how to make a Hello World app with TypeScript and NativeScript


  • Some developers find TypeScript intimidating. Did you know you can just add a .ts extension to a JavaScript file and it will be processed like TypeScript? This can be very helpful as you migrate from a JavaScript style to TypeScript style.

  • You can find an easy to follow guide on how to migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript in this section of the TypeScript Deep Dive GitBook:


  • If you aren't sure what a certain block of TypeScript code does, you can paste the TypeScript code in the left hand box on TypeScript Playground. The generated JavaScript will be shown in the right hand box.

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